In CASC/ACSS the Education Standards Commission (ESC) comprises all necessary elements needed by those who are seeking advancement, standing, continuance and/or professional certification within our national Association. The ESC is made up of a Chairperson, Vice-Chair and Secretary, four Committees, and nine Regional Admitting Committee chairpersons. This complement of volunteers within our Association conducts business year round. It also meets twice annually, in the fall and at the national convention, where it ratifies and celebrates the accomplishments of those who achieve advancement and certification.

Confusion Buster Question #1

Have you read the CASC/ACSS Manual?

Many questions are answered in the Manual, so reading it carefully is a necessary first step. After reading the Manual, if you still have questions,locate the Chapter/Section/Page that you want to discuss with someone at the regional or national level of the Association.

Confusion Buster Question #2

Is your question/concern about a national level topic or a regional level topic?

The four ESC Committees work with national level topics. They address:

  • Certification: Having to do with people moving toward professional certification as Spiritual Care Practitioner, Psycho-Spiritual Therapist,  or Supervisor-Educator;
  • Accreditation: Having to do with institutional settings where CASC/ACSS approved programs are offered and education centres are accredited;
  • Academic Assessment: Having to do with the academic qualifications that are required for certification; assessing equivalencies as needed;
  • Standards Revision: Having to do with updating education standards and keeping the Manual current with required and/or needed changes.

The Regional Admitting Committee Chairs address regional level topics (and then bring them to the national meetings for ratification). They engage those who are:

  • Moving from basic to advanced standing in CPE/PCE
  • Entering supervisory education in CPE/PCE (Provisional Supervisor-Educator standing)
  • Requesting equivalency for previous education and experience, following completion of a first basic unit of CPE/PCE, in order to qualify for either placement at a higher CPE/PCE training level or readiness to seek certification.

Confusion Buster Question #3

Specific Questions and Quick Contacts

The current contact list is available at the CASC website:

  1. Do my academics meet the requirements?
    Contact, Academic Assessment Committee
  2. Am I applying for Specialist, Associate Supervisor or Teaching Supervisor?
    Contact Chair Certification Committee
  3. Do I want to offer a CASC/ACSS program in CPE or PCE?
    Contact Chair, Accreditation Committee
  4. Am I going from basic to advanced CPE/PCE?
    First: Contact your CPE or PCE Supervisor-Educator
    Then, if needed: Contact your Regional Admitting Chairperson
  5. Do I want to become a CPE/PCE  Supervisor-Educator?
    First: Contact a CPE or PCE Supervisor-Educator with whom you would like to mentor; see if that person is willing and able to work with you.
    Then, if needed: Contact your Regional Admitting Chairperson
  6. Have I taken a first basic unit of CPE/PCE but come from another profession or educational background and want to see if any of my previous studies could qualify me to advance within CASC/ACSS toward certification?
    First: Read Chapter 2, Section V of the Manual.
    Second, if needed: Consult with the CPE or PCE Supervisor-Educator with whom you completed your first basic unit to discuss questions you may have.
    Then, if needed: Contact your Regional Admitting Chairperson