Excellence – Professional Practice


Deadline for nominations is February 15th. Nomination Form

This award is to be given to an individual who has exemplified excellence in their professional practice. There can be a nomination for each of the three areas of practice – education, psycho-spiritual therapy, or spiritual care.
Regions or individuals are invited to submit nominations for the Award for Excellence in Professional Practice. More than one nomination can be made by each region or individual.

Nominations for the Awards of Excellence in Professional Practice (form 3.3) should be sent to the Secretary of the Professional Practice Commission by February 15th.  The name and e-mail address of the Secretary can be found on the Contacts page under Professional Practice Commission.

Decisions will be made by the Professional Practice Commission and recipients will be notified and presented with the award at the following National CASC/ACSS Annual Meeting.


  • The nominee will have made a significant contribution to professional practice and have demonstrated excellence in professional practice as exemplified by the CASC/ACSS Standards of Practice;
  • The Nominee usually will be a current, active, participating certified member of  CASC/ACSS except as noted below. Current members of the Board, Commissions and Committees are eligible for nomination;
  • “Best practice” is to be congruent with all other CASC/ACSS Standards (Ethics,  Educational, etc.); 

This award may be awarded posthumously in the name of a person, who was a  certified member of CAPPE/ACPEP and/or CASC/ACSS and who demonstrated outstanding professional practice.


                                                             2017 Saskatoon

Jennifer Hauck
Excellence in Institutional Ministry
John Lougheed
Excellence in Institutional Ministry
Gord Alton Excellence in Pastoral Counselling

2016 Vancouver

Mary Holmen Pastoral Practice in Institutional Ministry
Rev. Dr. Philip Behman Pastoral Practice in Education- CPE
Dr. Margaret B. Clarke Pastoral Practice in Education- CPE
Rev. Elaine Nagy Pastoral Practice in Education- CPE

2015 Hamilton

 Sr. Dr. Coleen Lashmar  Pastoral Practice in Education-CPE
 Dr. Ray Seutter  Pastoral Counseling -PCE
 Rev. Robert Glasgow  Pastoral Practice in Institutional Ministry
 Sheila Ellis Pastoral Practice in Institutional Ministry

2014 Winnipeg

John Carr Pastoral Counselling and Pastoral Education – PCE
Harold Ritchie


Pastoral Practice in Education

2013 Ottawa

Case Vink Pastoral Practice in Education
Penny Allderdice


Pastoral Practice in Education

2012 Sydney

Glen Horst Pastoral Practice in Education
Norman Berlat


Pastoral Practice in Institutional Ministry

2011 Toronto

Jan Kraus Pastoral Practice in Institutional Ministry
Bert Enns


Pastoral Practice in Education

2009 Orlando

Jan Temple-Jones and Dan Cooper


Pastoral Practice in Education

    2006 Winnipeg

Neil Elford Clinical Practice
Hal Paulsen Practice in Teaching Supervision
Lorraine A. Nicely


Counselling Practice

2005 Halifax

George A Neufeld



2004 Ottawa

Jean Marie Suchora