If a SPE student has a difficulty with his/her supervisor we urge the student to address this concern as soon as possible after the situation occurs with her/his supervisor.  If no solution is possible after discussion with the supervisor, the student can contact their regional Ethics chair and receive further guidance on how to proceed.

Depending on the nature of the issue, there are different sections of Chapter 6, Grievances and Complaints that may be consulted.

Remember that Chapter 6 encourages in its Grievance Procedures:

  • “On the basis of the tradition within CASC/ACSS for mutual respect and trust it is hoped that a grievance might be resolved by those directly involved as soon as possible, and as close as possible to the context in which the grievance arises, through informal consultation initiated by the RAC Chair, the ESC Chair or the PPC Chair.
  • Where a grievance cannot be resolved in the above manner the grievance procedure is intended to provide a process of resolution that is positive and constructive. The grievance procedure outlined hereafter is an extension of the problem-solving process, and is intended to resolve complaints in as expeditious a manner as possible.”

If a student has a concern with functioning of the supervisor – See Chapter Six, section IV.

If the student is more concerned that a supervisor, peer or staff person has breached an ethical principle, see Chapter 6, Section VIII

For further information please check Chapter Six of  the Manual