Resources for Certification and Professional Development

In the evolving CASC/ACSS Professions of Spiritual Care and Pastoral Counselling there is a sense of continual change. This is reflected in our Association’s Standards revision work and in the Professional Practice Commission’s initiatives pertaining to both competencies development and scopes of practice. It can be, understandably, bewildering at times.

This web page has been designed by the Certification Committee in order to provide CASC/ACSS members with easy to access resources to assist in preparation of materials for professional certification. It is the Committee’s hope that use of links on this page will simplify the three-step process by answering some frequently asked questions. These questions may arise before, during and after a candidate commences application. Therefore, having quick-and-easy access to resource people within the CASC/ACSS Regions can assist candidates at various stages of the certification journey.

When becoming CASC/ACSS certified, there are times of transition – e.g. from student to pre-certified practitioner – that invite awareness as well as ongoing reflection. These pages highlight some of the transition points and invite reflective commentary.

All CASC/ACSS Members are encouraged to add resources to the site so that it can be supportive in this time of change and professional growth.

Sharing Resources

If you have resource to share, please send them to the, Chair of the Certification Committee.

For example, do you have any of the following that you would be willing to release for posting on the CASC/ACSS public website?


Integrative Professional Theory and Practice Paper
Thoroughly Documented Case Study
Outline/Framework for developing:

Integrative Professional Papers
Case Studies
Autobiographical Summaries