See Chapter 9 of the Manual for a complete list of all fees:

Frequently Asked Questions about fees

Admitting Fees:

  • Consultation for Advanced Standing
  • Consultation for Provisional Supervisor-Educator
  • Consultation for Chapter 2, Section V (SPE equivalency request)

Certification Fee:

  • Application for Certified Spiritual Care Practitioner or Psycho-Spiritual Therapist
  • Application for Certified Supervisor-Educator

Other costs/fees information related to Admitting or Certification:

  • Reapplication – For both Admitting consultations and Certification reviews, when a person’s process is halted and they reapply within one year of receiving notice of denial and the halting of their process, the fee for reapplication is one half of the current certification fee.
  • Maintenance of Educational Standing (Supervisor-Educators-in-process)
  • Reactivation of Certification/Membership

Accreditation Fees:

  • Program Approval, Site Accreditation – The education centre bears the cost of all accreditation expenses (travel, food, lodging, etc.) but there is no additional fee to apply for site accreditation.