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Starlight Fun Run/Walk/Roll


Starlight Fun Run/Walk/Roll Honouree 2018

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This year the Foundation issues this “Step Challenge” to all CASC members.

Easterners will race Westerners to see who gets to Deerhurst first!  Regions must work together to tally their steps.  Kim Bustard will collect the totals for each group.  Please e-mail your results to Kim at:

Team East regionsAtlantic, OCN, ONE & SWOnt

Team West regions BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Northern Territories  & Nunavut. 

The race starts Feb 20, 2018 so get your fit bits, smart phones, smart watches and pedometers going.   It will end when the first team has enough steps to get to Deerhurst.  The route goes through each province’s capital on the way to Deerhurst.  Weekly totals and map updates will be announced here on this page. 


It’s Official: Team West arrives at Deerhurst with 13 days to spare and 1,000,000 extra steps!

Fun Run map of provinces of Canada April 8



















Congratulations to Edmonton’s Blaine Allen who walked the furthest: a whopping 883,357 steps

Winnipeg’s Barb Findlay wasn’t far behind with an amazing 749,459 steps across Spain. 

Eric Schultz from Team East (OCN) stepped up with an impressive 722,744.

Congrats to all walkers/runners/bikers and swimmers for  an exciting contest

It is a good thing Team West is mature and would never rub in their victory

Yoda kick eastern butt we did2.dmsp








Team East’s route:

St. John’s, Newfoundland to Ch’town, PEI is  1619 km =      2,266,600 steps

Ch’town, PEI to Fredericton, NB is                      340 km =        476,000 steps

Fredericton, NB to Halifax, NS is                          325 km =        455,000 steps

Halifax, NS to Quebec City, Quebec is                1019 km =     1,426,600 steps

Quebec City to Toronto Ont is                                808 km =      1,131,200 steps  

Toronto, Ont to Deerhurst is                                   242 km =        338,800 steps

Totals-                                                                      4353 km = 6,094,200 steps

Team West’s Route

Victoria, BC to Edmonton, Alberta is                        1250 km =   1,750,000 steps

Edmonton, Alberta to Regina, Saskatchewan is      781 km =   1,093,400 steps

Regina, Saskatchewan to Winnipeg, Manitoba is   574 km =     803,600 steps

Winnipeg, Manitoba to Deerhurst, Ontario is        1910 km =    2,674,000 steps

Totals-                                                                             4515 km = 6,321,000 steps

Calculations for the Step challenge

Click here for info on training for the Starlight fun run    Training started Feb 18 so jump on board

Click here for Strength Training exercises to help prepare for the Starlight fun run

For more info on the Starlight Fun Run Walk/Roll contact  Kathy Greig at:


The Fun Run/Walk/Roll this year will occur at night under a starry starry night worthy of Vincent Van Gogh. 

Night sky