The four objectives are:

  • to develop a Book of Remembrance of deceased members of our Association
  • to develop a Time Line on the History of our Association
  • to record Interviews with current and former members with a view to both archiving these interviews and drawing upon them as a resource for research into our history
  • to develop web space on the National website where members can post partial histories so that others can read, add and provide correctives as we co-construct a living memory of our Association.

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The Book of Remembrance lists names of deceased members of our Association. If you know of a member who has died recently or one who died earlier and is not included in our Book of Remembrance, please send their name to Douglas Wilson (wilsondr@hotmail.com).
Please include any information that you know about this person, and/or reference to an online obituary record, and/or the name of someone whom we could contact for further information. All submissions are welcomed and important in the development of the Book of Remembrance.  

Historical Time line

With autumn 2011 there is the launch and first posting of CASC/ACSS’s Historical Time Line. Please follow the link to find the timeline pages (arranged decade by decade): Historical Time Line.  Please download documents (Writing our History and A Consent Form} through which to contribute additions, updates, and/or corrections. You will also be able to follow several embedded links to web locations relevant to both our own history and that of other North American spiritual care and pastoral counselling associations.

In addition to the Historical Time Line, this portion of the Living Human Memories page includes several partial histories that have been contributed from among our membership. We are posting them here for you to share. As well, if others have short summaries of history relevant to your personal/professional interests, Region’s history, or to our Association as a whole, please forward them to Doug Wilson or Margaret Clark (see contact information below) so that they too can be posted. These partial histories may include focused historical reflections on individuals, groups representative of our Association’s diversity (e.g. gender, culture, faith group, etc.) and the differing streams of learning within our Association (e.g. pastoral counseling, pastoral care, supervision, etc.).

Clinical Pastoral Education

Dennis M. Veinotte, EAST TO WEST: The Pioneers of CPE in Canada
Stokoe, R. (1974, 2005). “Clinical Pastoral Education”. Nova Scotia Medical Bulletin, (February).

Regional Areas of CASC/ACSS

Stacey, F. (2008). Newfoundland: Historical Overview of Pastoral Care Allied Health Group Conferences.
Wilson, D. (2009). CPE in Quebec: 1960 – 1985.
McLean, Ron (2010) Spiritual Care at the NS Hospital,
Marc Doucet & John Vincent (2012), CPE History at the University Health Network (formerly the Toronto General and Toronto Western Hospitals)
Lesley Barclay-Johnston (1989)- WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS:
Focused Historical Reflections

Clark, M. (2010). An Overview of Women in CASC/ACSS Updated July 29, 2010

Interviews with Current and Former Members

In 2009 Doug and Margaret began conducting interviews with members and former members of our Association. These are stored at both the CASC/ACSS National Office and in our national Archives. As well, the “Honouring Women Event” that was part of the 2010 CAPPE/ACPEP National Convention was videotaped and will be stored in both locations. If you would like to have access to any of these materials, please contact Doug or Margaret (see contact information below). Additional people will be invited to participate in this objective of conducting interviews with current and former members. Since this is an extensive task, and one that can best be developed through representation across the country, it is anticipated there will be information at the 2012 CASC/ACSS Convention in Sidney, NS at which time Doug and Margaret will further outline this objective and seek out people in each Region to carry forward the interviewing process in their local contexts.

Below is a list of those who have been interviewed so far. If you think of others you know (e.g. former Supervisors, National/Regional Association leaders, long-time current/former Members), please contact Doug or Margaret (see contact information below).

2009 Interviews:

  • Bryan Pearce (Quebec)
  • Weldon Burlock (Ontario)

2010 Interviews:

  • Cullene Bryant (CAPPE/ACPEP 2010 Convention, Banff, AB)
  • Ann Evans (CAPPE/ACPEP 2010 Convention, Banff, AB)
  • Muriel Carder (CAPPE/ACPEP 2010 Convention, Banff, AB)
  • Merv Dickenson (Ontario)
  • Ken Allen (Ontario)
  • Don Gillies (Ontario)
  • Dennis Veinotte (Maritimes)

2011 Interviews:

  • Don Misner (CASC/ACSS 2011 Convention, Toronto, ON)
  • Floyd Green (CASC/ACSS 2011 Convention, Toronto, ON)
  • Harold King (CASC/ACSS 2011 Convention, Toronto, ON)
  • Donavan Brown (CASC/ACSS 2011 Convention, Toronto, ON)
  • John Carr (CASC/ACSS 2011 Convention, Toronto, ON)
  • James Strachan (Alberta)
  • Lorraine Nicely (Alberta)
  • Rodney Stokoe (Maritimes)


  •  Donald Gray (Alberta)
  •  Stephen Overall (Skype from Kansas, Missouri)
  •  Barry Cook (British Columbia)
  •  Avery Kempton (Maritimes)
  •  Ed Fiander (Maritimes)
  •  Bill Bartlett (Maritimes)
  •  Jack Tattrie (Maritimes)
  •  Betty Morissey (Maritimes)


  • John Swift (CASC/ACSS 2013 Convention, Ottawa, ON)
  • Douglas Perry (Kingston, ON)

Website Development

Jack Tattrie was a pioneer and a generous and skilled resource within our Association for furthering development of this website location for the Living Human Memories Project. Both Doug and Margaret are sincerely grateful to Jack for his collaboration and expertise. Jack retired as Webmaster Dec 31, 2015.

Contact Information

Further updates will be ongoing. If you have information on our history or questions about this project, please contact Margaret Clark mclark@ualberta.ca and/or Douglas Wilson wilsondr@hotmail.com