Poem, “The Healer”, by Ciaran McKenna

“Over these past few weeks I have some wonderful and intense encounters with people / staff who have found their way to my office.
 One is with a young mother who is on a wonderful journey of healing and spiritual growth.
 She shared an experience she had with her young son last when he said, “mommy, I am a healer, and I have been for years and I can heal you”. Once she shared the story with me it touched to the core in a way of “knowing” he spoke the truth, and the attached piece was born.
 As you each lean into the meaning of Holy week and Easter this piece may assist your reflections,”
Wishing you all a gentle Easter
Ciaran McKenna


The Healer

My son

the healer

stands before me

as healer, my child

a healer.

“ I have been a healer for ever mommy

through my present years

and in my other lives.

I bear the mark of a healer

and I can heal you

if you let me

let me in

let the healing begin

and you too are a healer

it just needs to be revealed,

however first I will heal you”

My son, the healer.

©Ciarán Mc Kenna, March 21st/18 inspired by a mother and her healing son.

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